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In 2014, Vapor Voice joined the revolution. Then, the vapor and e-cigarette industry was in its infancy and just beginning to transform the consumption of nicotine products. The potential was there: a potentially far less-risky method of consumption and a far lower-risk profile for smokers unwilling or unable to quit combustible smoking using existing methods.

We launched Vapor Voice to provide electronic nicotine-delivery system (ENDS) distributors, manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers with a valuable resource for industry advances in regulation, legislation, product development, business profiles, scientific studies and other informative industry news.

The vapor industry is constantly growing and changing. When we started Vapor Voice, cigalikes dominated the market. Now, our content covers the industry’s numerous product segments such as heat-not-burn, e-liquids, closed systems, open systems and disposables. The rapidly growing cannabidiol (CBD) market has also become part of our coverage and the overall vapor industry as CBD consumers also demand something safer than combustible products.

Today, Vapor Voice has become a highly respected resource for vapor business owners, employees and stakeholders interested in the development of ENDS products and how these products can fulfill the promise of a viable alternative to combustible nicotine consumption, maximizing its potential as lower risk vs. combustible cigarettes and minimizing uptake by nonsmokers.

Being a bi-monthly publication allows us to take the time to analyze these industry developments and provide high-quality, meaningful content. Our goal is to provide the insight and information on the industry to all stakeholders and businesses working toward growing and developing this industry to deliver the promise of a lower risk product and the eventual end of consuming nicotine via combustion. We do not take this mission lightly. Join us as we continue to build strong relationships and allow us to be your voice in the vapor industry.