Issue 3 2022

In this issue, we look at the challenge of vaping waste and what can be done to combat the growing concern. There’s also a new disposable vape company, So Soul and China gave Zinwi Bio-Tech the country’s first license to produce e-liquid.

Nicotine is now regulated as a new tobacco product; Chris Howard and Rich Hill of E-Alternative Solutions offer an industry perspective of the external Center for Tobacco Products Reagan-Udall analysis and George Gay talks news headlines.

Norm Bour introduces us to Nate Coccimiglio, Asanda Gcoyi explains regulations in South Africa, and Mike Huml says that there’s a wide potential market for Innokin’s new Klypse device.

Issue 3 2022

In this issue, we dive deep into water-based vaping with Aquios Labs and the industry’s first e-liquids with a water concentration of more than 3 percent. 

Vapor Voice steps inside World Vape Show Dubai 2022 and a Market Watch report describes how the Middle East is beginning to embrace tobacco harm reduction.

George Gay explains how headlines in news stories about vaping products are often inaccurate and Norm Bour goes to Mexico to visit with the Counter Culture Convention (C3). There’s a new tax regime poised to take effect in South Africa and Mike Huml says the FEELM Max line has the potential to make a significant difference in helping smokers switch.

Issue 2 2022

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration now has authority over synthetic nicotine and any products that have not received a marketing order by June 13 must be pulled from the market.

In this issue, synthetic nicotine, FDA CTP Office of Science’s Matt Holman talks challenges, Maria Verven confronts shipping issues.

Cannabis-industry attorney Rod Kight discusses marijuana bills in the U.S. Congress. George Gay explains ethical concerns in patent disputes and Troutman Pepper’s vapor experts share their insight. Norm Bour visits a vape shop in Romania and Mike Huml reviews the new Feelm Air.

Issue 1 2022

In this issue, Chris Howard and Rich Hill, with E-Alternative Solutions, give us their outlook for the 2022 vaping industry.

We discover why crimes against specialty retailers are growing at a rapid rate, while European editor George Gay explains why bad ideas come from the tobacco and tobacco control industries, Norm Bour looks at tough global vaping rules and Stefanie Rossel goes inside Germany’s plans to legalize cannabis.

Mike Huml picks the best vaping hardware from 2021 and we profile Turning Point Brands, a company that is embracing next-generation tobacco and alternative products by taking calculated risks.

Issue 6 2021

Vapor Voice’s final issue of 2021 provides highlights form the recent TMA “From Chance to Change” webinar where several industry experts discussed the current state of the nicotine industry.

China’s proposed vapor regulations could have a reverberating impact through the entire global vaping industry. The rules are complicated and wide-ranging.

We also look inside the growing global cannabis sector, while Maria Verven asks some vapor business owners how the FDA’s regulatory actions have impacted their businesses and Norm Bour takes us inside VapeX vape shop in Split, Croatia.

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