Hardware Reviews

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Mike Huml reviews hardware for Vapor Voice. An enthusiast vaper since 2009, he is always trying to get his hands on the newest, shiniest mod. Huml has evaluated countless vaping devices over the years, but you’ll usually find him with a mechanical mod and RDA in-hand, surrounded by an aura of fog. His personal motto: “Happiness is a warm coil.”

All Fired Up

Innokin’s new ArcFire pod system strikes the perfect balance of performance, quality and convenience.

Change of Pace

The FAV successfully accomplishes its goal of bridging the gap between combustible smoking and vaping.

Disposable Debate

Two popular disposable vaping devices, Hyde IQ and Elf Bar BC5000, each have their faults and merits.

Duel Identity

ALD’s new XPLLO offers a quality vaping experience for a large segment of the vapor market.              

Dropping the Boom

ALD’s Boom Max is a disposable e-cigarette that offers performance, reliability, convenience and value.

Total Geek Out

GeekVape’s Aegis Max 2 keeps what made prior mods desirable and improves upon the nitpicks.

Quintessential Quality

With top-of-the-line performance, there’s a wide potential market for Innokin’s new Klypse device.

Maximum Potential

The new FEELM Max line has the potential to make a significant difference if it’s given a chance.

Simply Perfect

Numerous small changes come together in possibly the most reliable pod system ever created.

Maximum Velocity

GeekVape’s new Aegis Max Kit sets a new standard for quality, performance and value.

Impeccable Performance

Technically a pod system, the Drag X from Voopoo is a cloud-chasing mod with a proprietary connection.

Nature of the Beast

With design input from SMM, the Gaur-21 perfectly streamlines high-end vaping at a modest price.

Building on Success

Uwell accomplished the impossible by improving the Caliburn with the Caliburn G.

Maximum Simplicity

The XROS is a pod system represents the culmination of the best available features in a pod.

Manuel Maneuver

The Sceptre is a little larger than a standard pod system, but it’s not a “pod-mod” by any means.

Everyone’s Invited

Smok’s NexMESH pod system has a convenient small size, great battery life without sacrificing quality.

A Love Story

The Ares 2 RTA is the latest rebuildable tank from Innokin that provides great MTL vaping.

Rise and Shine

The Suorin Shine pod system works extremely well, is easy to use and doesn’t break the bank.

Excellent Examples

The SnowPlus line offers both new and improved and tried and true variants of the same system.

More Pod Than Mod

The Grimm Kit by Hellvape appeals to intermediate and advanced vapers looking for alternatives.

Dyadic device with box

Perfect Performance

The Dyadic squonk mod allows all the conveniences of squonking with a minimal increase in overall size and bulk.

VOOM device with box

Shop Keeper

The VOOM closed pod system may have the closest representation to the draw of an analog cigarette of any device on the market.

Massive market appeal

The highly efficient Aqua Master V2 can provide both direct-lung vaping and mouth-to-lung vaping based on the build.

VFolk device and pod in front of boxes

Reliability Factor

The new Vfolk pod system uses a ceramic coil to provide a smooth, consistent vape.

Orion device in front of box

Bang for the Buck

The Orion DNA Go is one of the most feature-rich pod systems available but remains simple to use.

High Gear

The Gear RTA may be the perfect rebuildable atomizer for vapers of all experience levels.


The Aegis Legend could be the foundation of a retailer’s high-power mod selection.


The summa

A reliable all-in-one box mod to rival Kanger’s Nebox