Liquid Reviews

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As part of its ongoing service to readers, Vapor Voice regularly reviews e-liquids. The liquids in this section are reviewed by three independent critics who have been vaping for nearly 20 years combined.

Testing is blind, meaning the critics do not know what liquids they are vaping. All liquids are tested on the same device at the same settings, using the same brand and style of tank.

Reviewers are asked to rank liquids according to 10 criteria. We list the final results as an overall score, as well as the results from three specific categories: aroma, flavor/taste and “vape-ability” (how the product feels when vaped—throat hit, exhale and satisfaction).

Readers are welcome to suggest e-liquids for review at We are also happy to consider suggestions to improve our rating process.

NOTE: Due to circumstances surrounding Covid-19 protocols and the recent issuing of Marketing Denial Orders (MDOs) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, we have suspended e-liquid reviews until further notice.