• February 28, 2024
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PMTA Tracking Tool

About the Tool

The premarket tobacco product application (PMTA) process is an inflection point for the entire vapor, electronic nicotine-delivery system (ENDS) and alternative products community operating in the United States. On Sept. 9, 2020, comprehensive and costly submissions were due to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) concerning all vapor, ENDS and alternative nicotine products on the market. The submissions made in 2020 are the start of this process. During 2021, the CTP will be reviewing applications and making authorization decisions that will either retain or remove submitted products from the market.

Vapor Voice partnered with TMA to bring you the most comprehensive view of PMTA submissions available. Beyond just “submitted,” our tracker takes a comprehensive look at the individual products submitted for PMTA authorization to the CTP by every company we could find.

More than just a static list, Vapor Voice and TMA created a living document with a notification tool for manufacturers to update information. “Verified by TMA” means that TMA researched the manufacturer and performed a count of all products available, recorded what the manufacturer is saying about its submission status, and is continuing to keep up on developments.

SubmittorBrand FamiliesNumber of Brand Families/SubmittorTotal Submissions MadeAcceptedAcceptedBoolRefused To AcceptFiledFiledBoolRefused To File
7 DazeReds Apple E-liquid12121YesNoNoNoNoLink
22nd Century GroupMoonlight, Moonlight Menthol122Yes02YesNoLink
511 E-LiquidOmbra, Luma, Chromba37676YesNoNoNoNoLink
Air Factoryflavored and unflavored Air Factory products1872YesYesYesYesYesNoLink
Alice in VapelandAlice in Vapeland11200UnknownUnknownUnknownNoNoNoLink
Alien VapeAera 51, Aurora, Catalina, Roswell412UnknownUnknownUnknownNoNoNoLink
AMV HoldingsMultiple product categories: eliquid, components, devices comprising over 5,000 SKUs51052YesNoNoNoNoLink
Angry Dragon Premium35 flavors35210UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
ApolloGreen Apple, Berry Blend, New Menthol, RY-4-4-6, Menthol Breeze, Pure Mist, Tobacco, Candy Cane105050YesNoNoNoNoLink
Arc DistributionBurst, Burst Blizzard, Burst Dui, Burst Bacco, Duo Salts (all SKUs)575UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Aspire102 SKUs across Aspire and Prestige device lines21UnknownUnknownUnknownNoNoNoLink
Avail VaporMenthol, Fruit, Tobacco, Bakery42121YesNoNoNoNoLink
Backwoods VaporAbe, Beard of Zeus, Medusa333UnknownUnknownUnknownNoNoNoLink
Bantam Vape, LLC.Eliquid and Salts18484YesNo84YesNoLink
Baton VaporNic-Salts11414YesNoYesYesNoLink
Beard Vape Co.Beard and The One e-liquid brands, 5 flavors each110UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Bidi Vapor. LLCBidi Stick111YesYesNoNoNoNoLink
Big Bottle Co.Anvil, Tourch and Dr. Big Vape – confirmed acceptance via facebook announcement355YesYesNoNoNoNoLink
Bird E-JuiceNic Salt juices832NoNoNoNoNoNoLink
Black NoteVirginia Tobacco, Cuban Cigar Blend, Menthol Blend, Burley Tobacco, Cavendish Blend, Kentucky Tobacco735UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Boulder InternationalBoulder Rock, Aspen Slim, American Blend, Menthol24UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Breeze Smoke10 new and 10 existing110YesYesNoNoNoNoLink
Camelot DistributionCamelot, Apocalyptic, Bubble Pop, Exclusive Reserve, Clockwork, Frost, Fruit Stand, Soda Pop, Spiced, Sugar Shells, Taste of New Orleans, Xtreme Chill, Skyline Diner, Buffalo River Elixirs, 1810 Vapors15130UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Caterpillar E-juiceChesire, Mad H, Pelican, T&T, Ace of Spades, Wondergrahams, Troube & Strife13136UnknownUnknownNoYesYesNoLink
Charlie’s Chalk Dust (Charlie’s Holdings, Inc)Charlie’s Chalk Dust (CCD)13939YesNoNoNoNoLink
Coastal Clouds E-liquidApple Peach Strawberry, Blueberry Limade, Iced Mango Berries, Melon Berries, Menthol, Chilled Apple Pear, Mango, Citrus Peach, Tobacco28102UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Dead Presidents E-liquidRoosevelt, Adams, Washington, Jackson, Lincoln, Jefferson, Kennedy720UnknownUnknownUnknownNoNoNoLink
Decent Eliquidsbuttercake112UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Dinner LadyNic salts and disposables253UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Dominant Vaporblog notice indicates filing for e-liquids, no info on devices34788UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Dot ModDotstick and Dotstick Coil (hardware)7UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Dream Vapor21 flavors2147UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Dripmoreextensive listing of submissions135YesYesNoNoNoNoLink
E-Alternative Solutions (EAS)Leap and Leap Go Vapor Products229YesYesNoYesYesNoLink
ECBlends7 Leaf Tobacco Blend, 8 Leaf Tobacco Blend, Bahama Mama, Baja Burst, Banana Nut Bread, Black and Blue Berry, Black Cherry, Black Gold, Black Magic Tobacco, Blackberry, Blood Orange, Blue Raspberry, Blueberry, Blueberry Pomegranate, Bronco Buster, Butter Pecan, Buttered Keoke Rum Coffee, Cake Batter, Caramel Cappuccino, Caramel Macchiato, Classic Red Box, Clove, Coconut Banana Cream Pie, Coffee – Strong Black, Coffee Liqueur and Irish Cream, Cold Fusion E-Liquid, Cool Hit E-Liquid, Creme de Menthe, Cuban Gold, Desert Gold, Desert Leaf, DK 555 Tobacco, Rich Toffee Apple ‘n Crème (Crème Collection) (Renamed from: Dragon’s Apple), Dragon Fruit ‘n Crème (Crème Collection) (Renamed from: Dragon’s Blood), Mint Blend ‘n Crème (Crème Collection) (Renamed from: Dragon’s Breath), Espresso ‘n Crème (Crème Collection) (Renamed from: Dragon’s Brew), Espresso with Vanilla ‘n Crème (Crème Collection) (Renamed from: Dragon’s Café), Raspberry Lemonade ‘n Crème (Crème Collection) (Renamed from: Dragon’s Charm), Banana Blueberry ‘n Crème (Crème Collection) (Renamed from: Dragon’s Choice), Strawberries & Coconut ‘n Crème (Crème Collection) (Renamed from: Dragon’s Crown), Peaches & Pear ‘n Crème (Crème Collection) (Renamed from: Dragon’s Delight), Orange Cream ‘n Crème (Crème Collection) (Renamed from: Dragon’s Dream), Butterscotch Apple Pie ‘n Crème (Crème Collection) (Renamed from: Dragon’s Egg), Butterscotch Custard ‘n Crème (Crème Collection) (Renamed from: Dragon’s Envy), Strawberry & Mint Blend ‘n Crème (Crème Collection) (Renamed from: Dragon’s Frozen Tear) , Fruity Cereal ‘n Crème (Crème Collection) (Renamed from: Dragon’s Joy) , Blueberry Tobacco Blend ‘n Crème (Crème Collection) (Renamed from: Dragon’s Leaf), Ambrosia ‘n Crème (Crème Collection) (Renamed from: Dragon’s Magic) , Horchata ‘n Crème (Crème Collection) (Renamed from: Dragon’s Milk), Nectarine & Honeysuckle ‘n Crème (Crème Collection) (Renamed from: Dragon’s Nectar) , Passion Fruit Blend ‘n Crème (Crème Collection) (Renamed from: Dragon’s Passion), Strawberries ‘n Crème (Crème Collection) (Renamed from: Dragon’s Tear), Earl Grey Tea, Espresso Shot, Flavorless E-Liquid, French Vanilla, Fresh Pack, Fruit Rainbow, Fruit Smoothie, Fuji Apple, Grape, Green Apple, Honeydew Melon, Irish Cream, Kings Crown Tobacco, Mango 2.0, Menthol E-Liquid, Mixed Berries, New Harbor, Peach | TPBD3GCYG, Peach Mango Strawberry, Peach Watermelon Cantaloupe, PeachBerry in Cream, Peanut Butter, Peppermint, Perilous Mint, Pina Colada, Pineapple, Pineapple Mango, Pink Lemonade, Pomegranate, Raspberry, RY 4 Tobacco, Slim Mint Cookies, Snickerdoodle, Spearmint, Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Cheesecake , Strawberry Milk, Strawberry-Kiwi, Sweet and Mild, Sweet and Tart, Sweet Virginia Tobacco, The Juiciest Watermelon Ever, Tobacco Blend, Vanilla Gorilla, Vanilla Swirl, Wintergreen199UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Ecig Charleston133YesYesNoNoNoNoLink
Element E-liquidsElement, Element Dripper, FAR, Emulsions, Tobacconist, Tonix6115UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Elite Brothers CollectiveVPGNS (Vapegoons), Down Under, SaltBae, Frutti Twist, Floss Brand178UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
ENB Flavor Inc.FAQs state “FDA Registration”1770UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Evolv LLCEvolv DNA (Hardware)YesYesNoNoNoNoLink
Fire Brand American E-liquidsApple Pie, Carnivale, The Motherload, Peppermint Patty48UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
First UnionNicotine Delivery Systems, CBD Vaporizers, HnB devicesYesYesNoYesYesNoLink
Fliq VaporGrappleberry, Ice Blue Razz, Ice Cherry Limeade, Ice Kool Melon, Ice Peach, Ice Pear Apple, Menthol, Tobacco88UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Fontem US, LLCBlue pen and pods12121YesNo21YesNoLink
Forge Vapor (Securience)DuraSmoke, Forge, VapeMoar, AmericanLiquidStore420510YesYesNoNoNoNoLink
FreemaxMaxus, Onnix, Twister (hardware)UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Fresh Farms E-Liquid, LLCBarnyard Berry, Morning Melon, Strawberry Farm Cake, Sour Chew417UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
FruitiaSweet Peach, Banana Ice212UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Gost VaporPancake House line of products1746UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Gothic Vapor302 flavors with 13 nicotine lvels, 4 pg/vg levels, and 4 bottle sizes (62,816 combinations).30264000UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
GST (Greensun Technology)Disposable Flat Pod, Vitamin Disposable Ecig (hardware)UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Heartland Vapes72 varieties per flavor16511880UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Hometown Hero41182YesYesNoNoNoNoLink
HorizonTechHorizon Tech Falcon family: M1 Mesh Coil 0.15 ohm 3 pack, M2 Mesh Coil – 0.13 ohm 3 pack, M1+ Mesh Coil 0.16 ohm 3 pack, M-Dual Mesh Coil 0.38 ohm 3 pack, II Sector Mesh Coil 0.14 ohm 3 pack, II Tank Carbon Black, II Tank Rose Gold, II Tank Stainless, II Tank Blue, II Tank Rainbow, King Tech Carbon Black, King Tank Rainbow, King Tank Black, King Tank Stainless, King Tank Blue, King Tank Gun Metal, King tank Replacement Glass, II Tank Replacement Glass.618UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Humble Juice Co.Humble184YesYesNoYesYesNoLink
InnevapeHeisenberg, Heisenberg Menthol, Carousel, Carousel Ice, Whatamelon, Whatamelon Menthol, VMD (Vape My Day), Chill Out, TNT (The Next Tobacco), TNT (The Next Tobacco) Menthol, TNT (The Next Tobacco) Gold, and TNT (The Next Tobacco) Gold Menthol in 0mg, 3mg,348UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
InnokinEndura T18, Adept x Zlide kit, Kroma-A x Zenith kit, Glim, and Sceptre (hardware)143UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Innovated VaporsPASSWORD PROTECTEDUnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
IVG Premium E-liquidsBubblegum, Blue Raspberry, Rainbow Blast/Pop, Summer Blaze, Riberry Lemonade, Strawberry Watermelon109238UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Jam Monster (SS Vape Bands dba Monster ) Vape LabsSS Vape Brands (Custard Monster Blueberry, Custard Monster Strawberry, Custard Monster Vanilla, Frozen Fruit Monster Banana Ice, Frozen Fruit Monster Blueberry Raspberry Lemon Ice, Frozen Fruit Monster269UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Jay Shore Liquids164UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Juice HeadJuice, Head, Blueberry, Lemon, 3mg; Juice, Head, Blueberry, Lemon, 6mg; Juice, Head, Blueberry, Lemon, Freeze, 3mg; Juice, Head, Blueberry, Lemon, Freeze, 6mg; Bam’s, Cannoli, Original, 3mg; Bam’s, Cannoli, Original, 6mg; Bam’s, Cannoli, Strawberry, 3mg; Bam’s, Cannoli, Strawberry, 6mg; Juice, Head, Blueberry, Lemon, Salt, 25mg; Juice, Head, Blueberry, Lemon, Salt, 50mg; Juice, Head, Guava, Peach, 25mg; Juice, Head, Guava, Peach, 3mg; Juice, Head, Guava, Peach, 50mg; Juice, Head, Guava, Peach, 6mg; Juice, Head, Peach, Pear, 3mg; Juice, Head, Peach, Pear, 6mg; Juice, Head, Peach, Pear, Freeze, 3mg; Juice, Head, Peach, Pear, Freeze, 6mg; Juice, Head, Peach, Pear, Salt, 25mg; Juice, Head, Peach, Pear, Salt, 50mg; Juice, Head, Pineapple, Grapefruit, 3mg; Juice, Head, Pineapple, Grapefruit, 6mg; Juice, Head, Pineapple, Grapefruit, Freeze, 3mg; Juice, Head, Pineapple, Grapefruit, Freeze, 6mg; Juice, Head, Pineapple, Grapefruit, Salt, 25mg; Juice, Head, Pineapple, Grapefruit, Salt, 50mg; Juice, Head, Strawberry, Kiwi, 3mg; Juice, Head, Strawberry, Kiwi, 6mg; Juice, Head, Strawberry, Kiwi, Freeze, 3mg; Juice, Head, Strawberry, Kiwi, Freeze, 6mg; Juice, Head, Strawberry, Kiwi, Salt, 25mg; Juice, Head, Strawberry, Kiwi, Salt, 50mg; Juice, Head, Watermelon, Lime, 3mg; Juice, Head, Watermelon, Lime, 6mg; Juice, Head, Watermelon, Lime, Freeze, 3mg; Juice, Head, Watermelon, Lime, Freeze, 6mg; Juice, Head, Watermelon, Lime, Salt, 25mg; Juice, Head, Watermelon, Lime, Salt, 50mg;148UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
JuucyJuucy brand, including Juucy Model X112UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Juul LabsJuul device, Juulpods Virginia Tobacco, Juulpods menthol, nicotine concentrations of 5% and 3%14YesYesNoYesYesNoLink
Kai’s Virgin Vapor19 flavors: Afterglow, Bed of Roses, Best Damn Tobacco, Blue Bango, Celestial Honeydew, Coconut Conniption, Dark Roast Turkish Coffee, Death by Chocolate, Fresh Thai Mango, Hawaiian White Guava, Lemon Rose Water, Menthol Moon Drops, Original Sin, Peach Perfect, Plum Crazy, Razmattaz, Romancing the Strawberry, Singing the Blues, Wicked Watermelon1380UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Keep It 100 (Liquid Labs LLC)9 flavors: OG Blue, OG Tropical Blue, OG Island Fusion, OG Summer Blue, Berry Au Lait, Maui Blast, OG Blue Iced, OG Krunch, Shake; 3 strengths (0mg, 3mg, 6mg)127UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Khali Vapors (Streamline Vape Co.)Dewvil’s Punchbowl, The Fairmount (3 nicotine strengths)113UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Kidney PuncherBroscience, Electric Liquids, Formal, GK Vapors, GK Public House, GK Vapor Pub, Kidney Puncher House Line, New Method, Omen, Potion Seller, Refresh, Big White Bottle, Southern Beginnings, Flow.UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Lady Boss Vapor10 flavors; 2 sizes; 4 nicotine strengths180YesYesNoYesYesNoLink
Logic (Japan Tobacco)Logic is available in 26 geographies […] and the USA, where PMTA submissions are under substantive review by the FDA.’39UnknownUnknownNoYesYesNoLink
Lotus Vaping TechnologiesNomenon, Noms X2, Nomenon Ice, Nomenon Salts, All Day Vapes, LQiD, Teleos Pure, Lotus Originals and Exotics.1079YesYesNoNoNoNoLink
Marlin Steam Co.All products of Drip Wich and Marlin Steam; Drip Wich Butter Percan, Drip Wich Blueberry, Drip Wich Strawberry, Marlin Steam Blue, Marlin Steam Tooth Ache, Marlin Steam Sur Reel, Marlin Steam Rochambeau763UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Mega E-Liquids (Verdict Vapors)Watermelon Rush, Watermelon Rush ICE, Mango Rush, Mango Rush ICE, Apple Crumb, Blueberry Crumb, Gummy Tarts, Coffee Donuts; 5 nicotine strengths, 2 sizes180YesYesNoYesYesNoLink
Midnight Manufacturing LLCBad Drip Labs1274YesYesNoYesYesNoLink
Mighty Vapors14 different flavors114UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Mig VaporCartridges, tanks, battery and e-liquid (4 flavors, 5 nicotine levels)520YesYesNoNoNoNoLink
Mister E-liquidAmerican Blend, Clear, Grey Matter, Heartbreaker, Latitude 45, Major Jade, Menthol, Perfect Peach, Raspberry Cooler, RY4, Straight Grape, Vendetta Blue, Vista 211378UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
MNGOe-Cigarettes and disposable vaping products832YesYesNoYesYesNoLink
Mom and Pop Vapor Shop29725YesYesNoNoNoNoLink
MyleHardware pods and devices; 2 flavors (Gold leaf, Blue leaf)12UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Nasty JuiceNasty Juice, Nasty Salt218UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
NetvapesBasics (4 nicotine strengths, 2 sizes)196UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Nicopure LabsHalo line of E-liquids12424YesNoYesYesNoLink
Oasis Vape151YesYesNoNoNoNoLink
One Hit WonderArmy Man, Fire Man, Island Man, Island Man Iced, Magic Man, Mini Muffin Man, My Man, Rocket Man, The Man, The Muffin Man (E-Liquid, Hi-Nic Salt)150UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
ORGNX (CITTG)Originals (3 sizes)194UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Pod JuiceE-liquid, Nic Salts, Pod Stick2145UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Pop VaporE-liquid, Nic Salts164YesYesNoNoNoNoLink
Propaganda E-liquidsPropaganda, The Hype Collection, Vape Pink (4 nicotine strengths, 2 sizes)388UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Prophet Premium14 E-Liquid flavors, 4 Nic-Salt flavors150UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Puff LabsPuff, Circus, Psycho, Strange Fruit, Icon5116UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Red Devil VaporsRetail Outlet (no brands found)UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Red Rock Vapor212 flavors13197YesYesNoNoNoNoLink
Red Star VaporBlack Raz Ade, Blue French Toast, Cali Breeze + 24mg Salt Nic, Cali Frozen, Creamy Nut, Dino Bites, Dragon Slayer, Echo, Freya, Frost Dragon + 24mg Salt Nic, Ghost Town + 24mg Salt Nic, Gluttony, Gremlin Grahams, Hawaiian Eskimo, Icy Blue Raz, Jupiter, Liu Tang, Maiden’s Milk, Mango Melon Mashup, Menthol Ice + 24mg Salt Nic, Monsoon, Morley Red + 24mg Salt Nic, Mother’s Love + 24mg Salt Nic, Mr. Apples + 24mg Salt Nic, Mr. Apples Iced + 24mg Salt Nic, Muse + 24mg Salt Nic, Off The Wall , Pixie Tears, Poncho Vanilla, Red Fusion, Sour Grinch, Strazz Apples, Strazz Melonade, Swamp Monster, Sweet Water, Tidus, Tropic Thunder, Unicorn Dream, Watastraz + 24mg Salt Nic, Wyatt Earp + 24mg Salt Nic, Zombified + 24mg Salt Nic.41361UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Redwood EmpireRedwood E-Juice2056UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Restless E-LiquidFrench Lemon Macaron, Ice Mango Hibiscus Sorbet, Mango Hibiscus Sorbet, Blueberry Pink Lemonade412UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Reynolds American Inc.Vuse Alto (1 power unit and 12 closed e-liquid cartridges), Velo pouches, Velo nicotine lozenges, Vuse Vibe, Vuse Ciro, Vuse Solo118UnknownUnknownNoYesLink
Riot SquadPunx – 7 flavors; Punx Salts – 6 flavors, 3 nicotine strengths125YesYesNoNoNoNoLink
Ripe VapesVCT – 17 flavors (e-liquid and salts)1101UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
River Reserve EliquidRR: 40 e-liqud flavors (5 nicotine strengths), 4 salt flavors (2 nicotine strengths); PNW (13 flavors, 2 sizes, 5 nicotine Strengths)2338UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Ruthless VaporRuthless, Loaded, Ruthless Rewind, Overloaded4352YesYesNoNoNoNoLink
Sabor Vapors LLC7 categories, 4 sizes, 13 nicotine strengths, 3 blends113011UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Sadboy E-liquid24 flavors, 2 nicotine strengths148UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Salt Bae E-liquid11 flavors, 2 nicotine strengths122UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Savage EnterprisesVape 100, Ripe, Cream, Sweet4110UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
SC VaporsLIQUA Elements & SCV Vapors (57 flavors)12285UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Securience, LLCDuraSmoke, Forge, American Eliquid Store, VapeMoar420510UnknownUnknownUnknownNoNoNoLink
Shenzhen Horizon Technology Co.HorizonTech Falcon Mesh Coil, HorizonTech Falcon Dual Mesh Coil, Horizon Tech Falcon II Tank, HorizonTech Falcon King Tank, HorizonTech Falcon King Tank Replacement Glass, HorizonTech Falcon II Tank Replacement Glass118UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Shenzhen Yibo Technology CoZlab pods – 13 flavors in six nicotine strenghts17878YesNo78YesNoLink
Shijin VaporShijin Vapor, Shijin Salts, Pixy Series, Pixy Salts, Gummy Series, Lemonade Series, Cereal Series, Frozen Series, Cola Man, Cola Salts, Bora Eliquids,7170YesYesNoNoNoNoLink
SigeleiKits and Mods (hardware)1320UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Silverback Juice Co.Silverback Juice, Silverback Platinum, Silverback Gold, Silverback Nic Salt, Silverback Distro, The Drop, Loyalty741UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Skwezed E-liquidSkwezed, Kernel, Dr. Frost3102YesYesNoNoNoNoLink
SmaxBerry Fantasy, Good Vibes, Peachside, She’s A Dime, Tiramisu Tons, Burley Beard, Harvest Berry, Strawb-Gwab, Night Shift, Vanilla Custard530UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
SMOKHardware, Refillable podsYesYesNoYesYesNoLink
SMPL E-Juice6 flavors, 1 size, 3 nicotine strengths118UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Solace19 e-liquid flavors, 19 salts, 2 sizes, 5 strengths1380NoNoNoNoNoNoLink
Streamline Vape Co.Bams Cannoli, Khali Vapors, Tab, Juice Head46060YesNoNoNoNoLink
SuorinHardware, Refillable podsYesYesNoNoNoNoLink
Tasty Cloud Vape Co.Chilled Milk, Tasty Cloud Vape CO., Tasty Cloud, Fixx E-liquid, The Cakery E-Liquid, Vapesicles (unable to verify status – GCC under 16 CFR Section 1700.15 & 1700.20 lists 6 brands, 6 nicotine strengths, and 4 sizes)57UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
TBD E-liquid28 e-liquid flavors, 23 salts, 3 sizes, 3 strengths, 3 blends11077UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
That 1 VapeThe Bakery, Custard Shop, Ice Cream Shop, Breakfast Aisle, Swwets Shop, Drink Aisle, Fresh Fruit, Mint and Menthol997920UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
The Finest E-liquid Co.18 e-liquid flavors (3 nicotine strengths), 17 salts (2 nicotine strengths)188UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
The Jones LabsAdvanced vaporization technology315YesYesNoYesYesNoLink
The LoonLoon Maxx, Loon Air, Loon Air+, Loon 300, Loon Salts, Loon Bullet, King Pluto Due, King Pluto Enzo, KP Razzo,9123UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
The Michigan Juice Co.Flavors only – no ENDS products; unclear if deemed a component or compliant with CTPUnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
The Neighborhood E-liquidMucho, Mucho Salt, Sour House, Sour House Iced448UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
The Sauce LA29 flavors, 3 nicotine strengths, 2 sizes1174UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
The Vapor ChefKeystone Vapor, Vapor Chef, Salt-E-Chef312480UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
The Zen Vaper36 e-liquid flavors, 21 e-salt flavors157UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Triton DistributionBoiler Maker, Chewy Cloudz, The Cloud Co., Cloud Science, Cold Fusion, Jimmy the Juice Man, King Cron, The Limiteds, Teleos Remixed, Teleos, Signature, Suicide Bunny, Vape Hooligans, Vapetasia151964yesYesNoNoNoNoLink
Turning Point Brands, Inc. (TPB)Our NewGen vapor portfolio includes our B2B (Vapor Beast®), B2C (International Vapor Group®) vape distribution platforms along with our new product engine, Nu-X Ventures.1250UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Twist E-liquid25 e-liquid flavors, 10 e-salt flavors135YesYesNoNoNoNoLink
USA Vape LabThe Schwartz Eliquid, Faded Vapes, Grimm Creations, Naked100, Ono Kine, Quit Black, Quit Burley, Snozz Berry, Sweet Cream Honeydew, Unicorn, USA Vape Lab, Fruit by the Ounce, Mecca SoCal13226yesYesNoYesYesNoLink
UwellKits and Mods (hardware), Pod System, AtomizerUnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Vape Craft Inc.Vape Craft140UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Vape CrusadersTrio, Nicotine Salt, Custom Made351UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Vape Element LLCBLVK Vape Juice7126YesYesNoNoNoNoLink
VapergateVapergate, Magic Vapor, Juice Head, Marlin Steam/Drip Wich, Fogged Out5295UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
VaporessoVape kits, vape mods, vape tanks, vape coils (hardware)UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Vapor Salon32747108UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Vapor Vapes137 flavors, 8 sizes, 2 types of bottles, 7 nicotine strengths, 5 bases176720UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Verdict VaporsMega E-Liquids, VRDCT, Mints, Zen Haus, Badger Hill5576576YesNoYesYesNoLink
VGod14 flavors, Salt: 5 lines142UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
Vladdin VaporVladdin Vantage, Vladdin Chopin and Vladdin X (hardware)UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
VoopooMods and Cartridges44yesYesNoYesYesNoLink
White Cloud Electronic CigarettesHardware and E-liquid172UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
White Label Juice Co.164UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink
You Got Juice54 flavors, 3 blends1162UnknownUnknownNoNoNoNoLink


Thousands of manufacturers and importers submitted premarket tobacco product applications (PMTA) to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) by the Sept. 9 deadline to keep their products on the U.S. market. But which products exactly are under review and how all those submissions have fared in the process is less clear. A comprehensive list promised by the FDA has yet to materialize.

In the absence of an official database, Vapor Voice decided to create its own tracker. As a news outlet, we already receive many press releases relating to PMTA submissions. In addition, we continuously monitor corporate websites, social media platforms and other industry sources. Individually, the pieces of information gathered during those endeavors make for interesting news announcements; taken together, they provide a coherent dataset to track PMTAs.

Of course, this approach has its limits. The data is self-reported, and at present, we cannot fully verify the veracity of all claims made in the announcements used to compile the list. The quality of the information that reaches us also varies greatly, from exact counts in all list categories to more general statements on a brand or brand family without further elaboration. As per our protocol, these issues are noted in the list. While we cannot present our dataset as a representative sample, we believe that, after capturing information on 180 companies, it paints as coherent a picture as possible.

Our tracker lists company, brand family, brand styles and PMTA stage. We view it as a “living document” that will be updated as new information becomes available. To that end, the tracker also includes a tool for user input. If the status of your application has changed or if you notice inaccuracies, we invite you to share that information with our editors, who will be pleased to make the required updates. 

Keeping in mind the limitations of our tracker, we recommend using this tool to gain directional understanding of the volume of submissions for which the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products is processing and as a starting point in a comprehensive due diligence search regarding products. We also strongly recommend that any retailer gain certification of products in their inventory from the manufacturer and rely upon advice of counsel as to appropriate due diligence and safe harbor.

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