• August 12, 2020

Tags : e-cigarettes

E-cigs should be banned, Health Ministry maintains

The Health Ministry of Malaysia has remained firm in its view that e-cigarettes containing nicotine should be banned. The Health Ministry will not support any activity that could contribute to increased health problems, according to health deputy director-general Datuk Dr. Lokman Hakim Sulaiman. He said the decision was reached based on a study conducted by...Read More

AEG partners with Human Health Organization

Leading sports and entertainment presenter AEG has partnered with Human Health Organization and Vaporcade, a leading vape-tech lifestyle brand, to be the exclusive vapor product sold in select U.S. AEG-affiliated venues through 2016. The alliance between Human Health Organization and AEG marks the first time that AEG has selected an exclusive provider for vapor products. AEG owns,...Read More

Malaysian government rejects ban on e-cigs

The Malaysian government has rejected a ban on e-cigarettes, according to a story in The Bangkok Post. Rural and Regional Development Minister Ismail Sabri Yaacob said the cabinet decided against the ban in their meeting on Oct. 31. “Thanks to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak for understanding the wishes of the youth. I believe vape...Read More

Macau Health Bureau defends proposed ban on e-cig sales

Macau’s Health Bureau has defended its proposed ban on local sales of e-cigarettes as part of the amendment of the tobacco control regime, saying that it does not agree with a survey suggesting that most smokers want the ability to switch to less harmful alternatives to traditional cigarettes, such as e-cigarettes. In a statement released...Read More